Key Areas


Protect before it’s too late – our goal

The most economic and effective way to preserve the national heritage in our archives and libraries consists of not only repairing the damage but permanently preventing it. We are therefore developing a national heritage conservation concept for written cultural assets. We are therefore the partner of all those dedicated to the protection of our written cultural heritage.

Actively getting down to work – our tasks

As the Coordination Centre, the KEK is actively engaged in four task areas, which effectively counteract the risks to the written cultural heritage in Germany:

  • Collecting and evaluating knowledge on securing written cultural assets
  • Creating networks to encourage institutions to cooperate in conservation measures
  • Sensitising the public to the risks to our written heritage
  • Supporting model projects throughout Germany.

We have a 600,000 Euro annual budget available to pursue the fulfilment of these tasks, of which 500,000 Euro comes from the Federal budget of the Minister of State for Culture. A further 100,000 Euro is provided by the federal states via their cultural foundation.