Nowhere did the great physicist and Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein (1879-1955) feel so much at ease as in his summer house near Potsdam: He called it his „paradise”, his „cottage”. The construction and administration files for the Einstein House in Caputh – built in 1929 by the architect Konrad Wachsmann – are stored in the Schwielowsee Municipal Archive and were restored in 2011 with the support of the KEK.
© Schwielowsee Municipality

A permanent task – preservation of collections

Archives and libraries are faced by major challenges. In addition to the preservation of valuable and unique originals, these include digital networking and data backup. These are long-term tasks, requiring expert knowledge and funding. The preservation of collections must be recognised as a permanent duty of archiving institutions.

The KEK is creating the adequate framework with a sustainable concept for the preservation of our written cultural heritage throughout Germany. We are developing the required strategies and undertaking the political work of convincing, so that the interest in protecting our written cultural heritage does not slacken, but on the contrary shall enjoy even more support.

In addition to the successfully launched promotion of model projects, we are devoting more time and energy in the future to the following tasks:

  • Enlightenment: public relations work to intensify the public’s awareness of the problem
  • Presence: participation in events, such as the „National Action Day for the Preservation of Written Cultural Heritage”, book fairs and the „Long Night of Sciences”
  • Knowledge transfer: organisation of our own events, such as congresses
  • Education and training: expanded promotion of training courses and further education for the purpose of preserving collections in archives and libraries in cooperation with existing specialised bodies and services
  • Fund raising: active raising of funds through donations and external funding sources

In view of the cultural sovereignty of the federal states, it is not possible for us (nor do we have any intention of doing so) to replace the efforts of the archives and libraries, their funding bodies as well as the existing advisory and specialist groups. In all matters concerning the permanent national preservation of collections, the KEK is the central cross-federal state institution in Germany, operating in a coordinating and advisory function.